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Best Antivirus Best Antivirus Software In a twist on our annual AV roundup, we let you, the readers, pick the 10 contenders for best antivirus software!

Save Versus Save As

Tip #6 – Save versus Save As In almost every class I have ever taught when we save a document I wait for the one person who will ask, "When do I use Save rather than Save As?” The answer

If I Have a Firewall do I Need an Antivirus?

Question If I have a firewall do I need an antivirus? Yes. A firewall will not protect you from viruses and other malware. A firewall limits outside network access to a computer or local network by blocking or restricting ports.

An Option for Blocking Spam

An option for blocking spam: Most people use either Outlook or Outlook Express as their e-mail client, but all of these people may not be familiar with creating message rules in the “Tools” drop down menu. Rules allow you to

Other Google Services

Other Google services and web pages: Blogger – View and create your own blog. Froogle – Search for products based on prices, location, type, etc. Gmail – Google’s free online e-mail service with over 1gb of storage. Google+ – Google

How Often Should I Reboot?

Question How often should I reboot or restart my computer? Answer There is no minimum or maximum amount of times a computer should be restarted. Unless your computer is requesting that it be restarted or that it needs to reboot

Backup Facebook

Facebook offers all its users the ability to backup their photos, videos, and text. 1. Click Account and go to Account Settings. 2. Click the Learn more option next to Download Your Information. 3. Click the Download button. 4. You

Google Tricks

Below is a list of our top ten Google tricks many people who use Google don’t know about. Definitions Pull up the definition of the word by typing define followed by the word you want the definition for. For example,

Common Functions of the Functions Keys

Below is a short-listing of some of the common functions of the functions keys. F1 Almost always used as the help key, almost every program will open the help screen when this key is pressed. Enter CMOS Setup. Windows Key

Computer Shortcuts Tip

Alt + F File menu options in current program. Alt + E Edit options in current program F1 Universal Help in almost every Windows program. Ctrl + A Select all text. Ctrl + F Open find window for current document